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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. Here you can find demo’s of my Elven Moods music as well as places to buy the CD’s. Also my first film project “Starship Farragut” is also available to buy from iTunes.

I opened this site to showcase my music and I hope that you will listen and enjoy what offerings I have here. If you really like the music please feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you thought (Just use the contact page).

elver princess
elver princess

Also I have a small tech section for new composers that you may find useful. It contains charts of the orchestra for finding out ranges, or articulations tools for Logic, and also my own reverb templates for Logic Pro. A lot of the things you will find in this section are from very talented people and where possible I have included links to them.

So enjoy my site I hope it is both enlightening and useful to you.


This was such an amazing video to work to, and was seen at the opening ceremony of the FecCon 18 (2009). I also got the chance to use the original Star Trek theme for the first time in my work although if you listen carefully there is also another theme in this piece which I use for both the Kelvin and the Enterprise.

A little update.


I have recently finished another score for the short film “Dark Armada: Worst Nightmare”, which is from a Netherlands based ‘Trek’ fan group. This is their first real outing, not counting there test pilot, and it’s a pretty nice piece of work. If you wanna check out the film then head along to their website where you can download the film for free.

I’ve also just finished some music for ‘The Light works’ which have been working on the opening video for “FedCon 18″ which is Europes biggest Sci-fi Convention. The video, needless to say, features Tobias Richters amazing digital model of the new Enteprise from JJ Abrams movie, and this will be available to watch online very soon. More info coming soon.

elven cloak

After a lot of work I’m final able to sit down and being working in earnest on my third album. Also I’m going to be starting up the VSL podcast again very soon. I’ve had some set backs with equipment shortages and time constraints but now I find myself able to resume the show, so listeners of the podcast .. stay tuned. In the meantime I’ve released two tracks from my recent score of the Star Trek Fan film series “Helena Chronicles”. So if you head over to the Film music Bio 2009 you can listen to what I’ve been up to.

Happy new year everyone. Again I’ve been busy with scoring several projects since last summer. The move to Canada has gone well but Elven Moods III has been set back a little more, however I am now pressing on with work on the new album. In the meantime I’ve updated the Film Music Bio page with pieces from some short films that I’ve done. Also now have some album art for the Starship Farragut: Crew Logs ..
Farragut Vig CD so if you haven’t had the chance already please go and take a look at this album which contains some nice music for this fan film series.

 Also a StarTrek Fan

I’m also hoping to get the next VSL Podcast done very soon. It’s been mayhem with scoring various Star Trek fan film projects, and now the new Archangel series so I haven’t had time to sit down and do the podcast but I want you to know that I intend to do another very soon.

I have recently relocated to Ontario Canada and am continuing work on the Starship Farragut Animated series. In a few days time the Starship Farragut “Crew Logs” will also be released over the internet and I’m releasing a free MP3 album of the music I did for both short films. You can find out more about them on the Film music Bio page. There are a few other film music projects in work but I don’t want to say anything about them until more happens. I have also uploaded some new music from short films that I have done which are also available on the Film music bio page.

arrov made my elves
arrov made my elves

Elven Moods III is delayed somewhat by all these new projects and my move to Canada which has meant I’ve had to focus on just the main projects right now, but I am looking forward to picking up EM III after the holiday season.

The VSL Podcast is still going, yet again I’ve had to reduce the amount of publications due to time constraints but I have recently finished the Joel Goldsmith Interviews and you can find them on shows 51 and 52.

Work is progressing on Elven Moods III in the studio. For this album I’m really taking a more atmospheric approach to it. I’m really enjoying the concept for it though. It was suggested by a good friend of mine who said “It should be like a walk .. through an Elven City”. And to a certain extent that’s what I’m doing .. but it’s not just a city .. it’s a whole country. Release date is tentatively set to February 2009 however this is subject to change as I am currently working on several projects for Starship Farragut. Say tuned for more info as it comes in on Elven Moods III.

Well the EFF show is over and my studio finally returns to a cleaner state. With all the CD’s I had to burn over the last few weeks I’m looking forward to getting back to compositional work for a change. I have uploaded some photos from the EFF event (Click Here) you can have a look at some of the great costumes that people were wearing. All in all it was a good show, and I think we may very well do this show again next year. I’m now looking at Elven Moods III and conjuring up themes and melodies for this new album. Although I seem to have two different albums to make now. One will be quite atmospheric, and another will be dramatic / action / battle music, as I’ve had many people, especially LARP’ers asking me for it. So I have plenty to be getting on with.


elver saga

I have now been confirmed to attend the Elf Fantasy Fair 2008 in Utrecht, Netherlands. I’ll have a small stall in the “Wormhole” section of the fair and will be selling a Special Limited Edition version of the Starship Farragtut album (this will have brand new artwork and also some extra tracks), and also my Elven Moods albums. So if you’re in the area and fancy meeting up with me to say hi, please do come. The whole event should be pretty fun with all these great sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts attending. I imagine that there will be some of the Farragut CD’s left over so if anyone who can’t attend wants one I’ll be happy to send you one if you wish to pay me through Paypal. I’ll setup a payment link soon.

A small update to the Music section. I’ve added a written account of what it was like to work on the Starship Farragut show which maybe of some interesting reading to fans of the show or composers who are looking to get into film. The VSL Podcast is a little late in coming but I will be publishing the next show very soon.

elves leaving

The new site is now all uploaded and working as it should. I have also published my new templates for Logic 8 which can be found under the new Tutorials & Tech page. Also have updated the Podcast Archive to include all the latest shows. The Pro demo page has also been updated with some new music snippets from Starship Farragut.

New website look. Decided it was time to give it a revamp and make some of it’s elements a little clearer. Thanks for visiting. And we hope if you are here for the Logic templates that you find them useful.

Some pieces of the website are yet to be uploaded so I ask you to be patient .. the Templates and other such things will be available very soon, with some great updates. New Logic Templates for Logic 8 and Altiverb. Including the TODD AO full orchestra room template.

female elver at night